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Famous Gurjars-----

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

The real architect of the Constitution

First deputy prime minister and home minister of India

Vallabhbhai Patel was born on October 31, 1875, in a farmer's family in Nadiad, Gujarat. His father, Zaverbhai, had served in the army of Jhansi ki Rani, and his mother, Ladbai, was a deeply religious woman.

He was a Lehva patidar or Lehva Patel Gurjar. (surname was Lohia or Lohmor) from village Nadiad, Gujrat.

Sardar Vallab Bhai Patel played the key role in uniting the 604 different riyasats during the process of independence.
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel also played a decisive role in the Constituent Assembly and remained the moving spirit behind some of the landmark provisions of Indian principles.

Patel, a man of action, spoke only when necessary in the Constituent Assembly, yet his impact on the Constitution was much wider than his intervention in the debates.

He played an important role in the selection of members of the drafting committee. He took a strong stand for or against Jawaharlal Nehru on key issues such as fundamental rights, the position of the prime minister, the election procedure of the President and the status of Kashmir. "The Iron Man so dominated the assembly that the Constitution which emerged from it bore his stamp and could be aptly called the Patel Constitution

Dhan Singh Kotwal

Indian freedom fighter and the first sepoy to revolt against

The British in Meerut in 1857

Rustam-E-Hind "The Great Gama"

The Lion of Punjab.

Only wrestler of the world who retired undefeated.

Gama (Real name was Mian Ghulam Mohammed) who was born to a family of wrestlers in 1888 in Punjab, India.

His father was a top wrestler and Gama is said to have started training at age five. When Gama was eight, his father died, but training continued under the direction of his grandfather; then, when he died too, under his uncle Ida Palahwan, who vowed that Gama would become the champion his father had wanted him to be. According to Joseph Alter, "Intent on impressing upon him the desire to be a great wrestler, he constantly pointed out to the young boy that this is what his father wanted above all else." From being a child, wrestling seemed to be pretty much all that Gama knew. In time, as he reached maturity and eventually did become Champion of India, "The crown passed on to a person perhaps as great and worthy as Ghulam."

Gama first became known at the age of ten when he took part in a national physical exercise competition held by the Rajah of Jodhpur. This was not in a wrestling contest, but in an endurance competition of bethaks (free squats), the fundamental conditioning exercise of Indian wrestling. "Over four hundred wrestlers from around India had gathered in Jodhpur," wrote Joseph Alter, "and at the Rajah’s signal the competition began. As wrestlers became tired they left the field until only one hundred or so remained. As more and more retired, all eyes turned on Gama, until, after a number of hours had passed, only fifteen wrestlers were left exercising. At this point Jaswant Singh [the Rajah] ended the contest saying that the ten year old boy was clearly the winner in such a field of stalwart national champions. Later, upon being asked how many bethaks he had done, Gama replied that he could not remember, but probably several thousand.

Ten minutes, eight minutes, two minutes – when you read the accounts of Gama’s Indian matches, such as they are, it seems that his opponents, some of them well-known champions, were simply brushed aside. But there was one exception, the famous Rahim Sultaniwala. He was older than Gama, a one-time student of the great Gulam, and he is described as standing six foot eleven and weighing 270 to 300 pounds, much bigger than Gama, who was around five foot seven and 200 pounds. They wrestled to a two-hour draw.

Gama went to every country of Wrestlers and defeated all known wrestlers.

He remained world champion for a long time.

Gama's last match was with J.C Peterson whom he defeated in 45 seconds.

Gama wrestled for many years and always emerged victorious. One of his greatest quality was that he had not only a sense of self respect but was very friendly in nature. Indian wrestling owes its popularity to Gama. He died in Lahore on 22nd May in 1960.

Kamal Ram Harsana

Kamal Ram was an Indian recipient of the Victoria Cross,

The highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy

that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces

He was 19 years old, and a Sepoy in the 8th Punjab Regiment, Indian Army during

the Second World War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.

On 12 May 1944 at the River Gary, Italy, the company advance was held up by heavy machine-gun fire from four posts on the front and flanks. The capture of the position was essential and Sepoy Kamal Ram volunteered to get round the rear of the right post and silent it. He attacked the first two posts single-handed, killing or taking prisoner the occupants and together with a havildar he then went on and completed the destruction of a third. His outstanding bravery unquestionably saved a difficult situation at a critical period of the battle.

Born in a Gurjar Family on 17th December 1924 in Bhalupura village,

Sawai Madhopur tehsil, Jaipur State, Rajasthan, son of Shiv Chand Harshana.

Vijay Singh Pathik

Indian Revolutionary, Satyagrahi and a very well known Hindi Poet

His father also took active part in the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

During his teenage Vijay Singh alias Bhop Singh joined revolutionary organisation

and took active part against the British rule.

He was the editor of 'Rajasthan Kesari', and 'Naveen Rajasthan'.

Even Gandhi Ji said about him

"Pathik is a worker, others are talkers. Pathik is a soldier, brave and impetuous,
but obstinate. ..."
The Govt of India issued a postal ticket to pay tribute to this great man.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Kasana

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was elected to the Presidentship of the Indian Republic on 20 August 1974,

and died in office on 11 February 1977.

His was a multifaceted personality.

Ram Chandra Vikal

Ram Chandra Vikal, first Gurjar leader of India.

An M.P./M.L.A./Deputy Chief Minister U.P. Party Congress

He is from Village Basantpur,

it was in Bulandshahr and now in Ghaziabad.

But his Banglow is in Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad since 1975.

Rajesh Pilot

Real Name is Pajeshwar Prasad

One of the most famous and powerful Indian politicians.

Ex-home minister of India.

One of the three most powerful leaders of country at his time.

Vidhuri by surname, Village Baidpura, Distt. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

1980-Won Lok Sabha elections from Bharatpur, Rajasthan.
1984-Won Lok Sabha elections from Dausa, Rajasthan.
1985-89 Minister for Surface Transport
1991-Won Lok Sabha elections from Dausa, Rajasthan
1991-1993 Minister for Telecommunication, Government of India
1993-1995 Minister for Internal Security, Government of India
1995-1996 Minister for Environment
1996-Won Lok Sabha elections from Dausa, Rajasthan
1998 Won Lok Sabha elections from Dausa, Rajasthan
1999 Won Lok Sabha elections from Dausa, Rajasthan
1987-Set up the Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Trust

People remember him as a man of integrity and confidence. Bet few knew him as a boy who, upon being singled out in the school assembly for wearing a torn uniform, had the strength to point that though torn and old, it was clean. This prompted the principal to enlist him in the NCC so he would get a free uniform. There were times when he sold newspapers at traffic lights. But through all this, the young boy grew up believing that poverty was not a stigma. He imbibed constantly from life and taught himself to be honest and courageous. He managed to get his two sisters married and educate his younger brother who, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 18. He grew up into a young man who believed that no condition was permanent and one could rise out of poverty by hard work. It was his hard work and beliefs that saw him rise from a doodhwala to a highly popular leader.

Major Kuldeep Singh "Chandpuri"

Winner of MahaVeer Chakra

Film "Border" made on his life, Sunny Deol plays His role

He with his small band of men of the Punjab Regiment held fast to the Indian base at Longewal, Rajasthan, despite several Pakistani attacks to disiodge them. On 5th December, two companies of the Pakistani army well supported by tanks, attacked Longewal. As they neared, the Punjab regiment retaliated with mortar fire. They were assisted by the Indian Hunter aircraft which launched a simultaneous air attack, severely damaging four enemy tanks. But a second attack soon commenced.The Punjab Regiment put up a fierce fight , resisting the enemy onslught through the night. At dawn , the IAF renewed their air attacks, effectectively neutralizing the enemy tanks. All through the operations, the Major kept up his men's moral,moving from bunker to bunker, urging them to hold on and fight back. His dynamic leadership and gallantry won Major Kuldip Singh the Mahavir Chakra.

Village Chandpur, Patiala, Punjab

Sahir Ludhianvi

Shayar, Lyricists, poet and a very famous personality.

Real name was Abdul Hayee. He was born in Ludhiana, Punjab.(1921)

Sahir created some of the most popular songs ever: Yeh Raat Yeh Chandni Phir Kahaan, sun le dil ki daastan- Jaal (1952); Jaaye to Jaaye Kahaan - Taxi Driver (1954); Teri Duniya Mein Jeene se Behtar Ho Ki Mar Jaayen - House Number 44 (1955); and Jeevan ke Safar Mein RahiMunimji (1955). Tu Hindu Banega na Musalmaan Banega Insaan ki Aulaad Hai, Insaan Banega for Dhool Ka Phool (1959).Allah Tero Naam Ishwar Tero Naam Sabko Sanmati de BhagwanHum Dono, esoteric - Khuda-e-Bartar Teri Zameen Par Zameen ki Khatir Jung Kyon Hai from Taj Mahal, and philosophical - Jahan Mein Aisa Kaun Hai Ki Jisko Gham Mila Nahin again from Hum Dono - from

Although he remained a bachelor his whole life, Sahir had two affairs, one with writer Amrita Pritam and the other with singer Sudha Malhotra respectively. These relationships could not be cemented in marriage because the girls' fathers refused to let them marry someone they thought a Muslim.

His relationship with Amrita Pritam was so passionate, that at one time while attending a press conference Amrita wrote his name hundreds of time on a sheet of paper. The two of them would meet without saying a word; Sahir would puff away at cigarettes, and after he left Amrita would smoke the cigarette butts left by him. After his death, she said she hoped the smoke from her cigarettes would meet him in the other world.

As written in Hum Dono by him:

Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya
Har fikr ko dhuwein me udata chala gaya

Sahir's poetry had a Faizian quality. Like Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sahir too gave Hindustani/Urdu poetry an intellectual element that caught the imagination of the youth of the forties and fifties and sixties. He helped them to discover their spine. Sahir asked questions, was not afraid of calling a spade a bloody spade, and roused people from an independence-induced smugness. He would pick on the self-appointed custodian of religion, the self-serving politician, the exploitative capitalist, the war-mongering big powers. Aren't they familiar? Close to Sahir's heart were the farmer crushed by debt, the young man sent to the border to fight somebody's dirty war, the lass forced to sell her body, the youth frustrated by unemployment, families living in dire poverty... The underdog remains; his bard is gone.

Sachin Pilot

Current MP in Loksabha

Constituency : Dausa, Rajasthan

Party : Congress

Son of late Shri Rajesh Pilot.

Youngest MP of 14th Lok Sabha

The highest educated MP of India.

Narayan Dharam Singh

Ex Chief Minister of Karnataka (from 28-May-2004 - 28-Jan-2006)

Area : Gulbarga

Party : Congress

He is from Nelogi village of Jewargi taluk in Karnataka

Chaudhry Mohammed Aslam

A well known and powerful Leader in J & K

Son of Great Leader Ch. Ghulam Hussain Lassanvi

Former speaker of Legislative Assembly, J & K

He is a current MLA from district Rajouri, Jammu

Born in January 1947 in village Kalali, Block Manjakote, Kashmeer

Avtar Singh Bhadana

Current MP in Loksabha

3 Times MP. 2 times from Faridabad and 1 time from Meerut.

Constituency : Faridabad, Haryana

Party : Congress

He is from village Anangpur (Named after Raja Anang Pal Tanwar), Faridabad, Haryana

A Big Entrepreneur.

Dilip Singh Judev

Current MP in Rajya Sabha.

Rajkumar of Gujar princely state JashPur, Madhya Pradesh.

Younger brother of Raja ranvijay Pratap Singh JuDev

Constituency : Chhattisgarh

Party : BJP

Shri Hari Singh Pratap Singh Chavda

Current MP, Lok Sabha

Constituency : Banaskantha ( Gujarat )

Party : Congress

Ram Sevak Singh Gujar "Babuji"

Current MP, Lok Sabha

Constituency : Gwalior ( MP )

Party : Congress

He is from Barera Jheel, Distt- Gwalior, (Madhya Pradesh)

Munavvar Hassan

Current MP, Loksabha

Constituency : Mujaffarnagar ( UP )

Party : Samajvadi Party

He is from Kairana, Distt. Muzaffarnagar,. Uttar Pradesh

Mohammed Azharuddin

Former Captain of Indian Cricket Team

Subcaste is Khaiper or Khepar

He is from Hyderabad , Karnataka.

Arjun Rampal

Arjun has been the most talented and good looking model plus actor.

He switched to Acting from modeling after achieving the top model award.

He is from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, His surname is Bhadana.

Married to Mehar Jesia a famous model.

He is originally from Bhonkari village, Faridabad.

His family migrated to Jabalpur, MP in around 1910.

Other Famous personalities:

King of Satara, Maharashtra, Chhatrapati Shri UdaySinghRaje PratapSinghRaje Bhonsle

King of Nagpur, Maharashtra, Rajaramsinhrao Bhonsle

King of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, HH Maharaja Chhatrapati Sahu ji-2 Bhonsle

King of Tehri-Garhwal Lt.Col. HH Maharaja Manvender Shah Panwar

King of JashPur, Madhya Pradesh, HH Raja Ranvijay Pratap Singh JuDev

King of Samthar, Madhya Pradesh, Raja Ranjeet Singh Judev II

King of Dewas SNR. MP, HH Maharaja Tuko Ji Rao-4 Puar

Queen of AkalKot, Maharshtra, Rani Shrimant Sumitraraje Sahib Bhonsle

Current King of Landhaura riyasat Kunwar Narendra Singh.

Current King (?) of Qila Parikshitgarh.

Current King (?) of Daadri riyasat.

Current King (?) of Teemli riyasat.

Current King (?) of Behsuma riyasat.

Madhu Gurjar is the new Mayor of Meerut (U.P.) India.

Late Shri Daya Ram Lohia, Owner of real estate company CDR. Net worth of more than 5000 crore

Transport tycoon Kartar Singh Bhadana, Owner of KTC. Net worth over 1000 Crore

Late Shri Ved Ram Nagar, Owner of Paras milk, Net worth of more than 3000 crore

Malluk Singh Nagar, President of Gurjar Mahasabha, India

Late Shri Hari Singh from village Gharbara, UP. One of the richest Gurjars of India.

Sukhbeer Singh "Jaunapuria", MLA, Gurgaon. Politician & Bulider. Net worth over 700 crore

Late Sardar Singh Ambawata, Real estate developer. Net worth 1200 crore

Inspector General of Police, Chandigarh, Mohammed Mustafa. Wife Razia Sultan MLA.

Baba Mian Bashir Ahmed is a well known Gurjar leader in J&K.

Delhi's high profile Gurjar MLAs

1. Bal Ram Singh Tanwar (Mehrauli)

2. Naseeb Singh Dedha (Vishwas Nagar)

3. Daya Nand Chandela (Vishnu Garden)

4. Ram Vir Bidhudi (Badarpur)

5. Ramesh Bidhudi (Tughlakabad)

6. Shadi Ram (Shastri Nagar)

There are more than 200 MLAs in different state assemblies of India.


Anonymous said...

bharat bro,
akshay kumar,ranjeet singh,mukesh rishi aur vishavjeet pardhan bhi to gurjar hai

Anonymous said...

hai bharat.
mai gujjar vineet hun from aligarh(but my village mukteshra*hapur*,dst-gaziabad)
yar me akshay ko lekar syor nahin hun..

reeya said...

humm se liya hai na sara matter, BTW Vishvajeet pradhan, Rajesh chauhan(cricketer), Ranjeet Bhedi are /weer also gurjars.

Anonymous said...

Good effort made by the author. Please note that the information regarding Brig Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri is incorrect.Please note that he comes from Village Chandpur Rurki, Disst Hoshiarpur & not Patiala. I also cast my sincere doubts on Narayan Dharam Singh who has been mentioned here as a Gujjar. Please note that Arjun Rampal is a brahmin and not a Gujjar. Try to understand that actress Kim Sharma is his first cousin. Now, a Sharma can't be Arjun's chacha if Arjun Rampal is a Gujjar. Also for the readers let me tell them all that Akshay Kumar is also not a Gujjar. He is a Punjabi Bannuwal khatri. In case of any queries, feel free to contact

ashok said...

Mr. JS Khepar what are u trying to prove here ?

Who said that Kim Sharma is Arjun Rampal's first cousin ?

Kim sharma worked opposite him in movie yakeen...

She is not reated to Arjun by direct blood relation, She is a distant cousin who might come from her maternal's side, and a lot of intercaste marriages has also contributed to this confusion.

Arjun stayed in Delhi while he was in Hindu College. He used to stay near South ex and had many Gujjar friends, who have confirmed me that he is a gujjar whose family migrated to Jabalpur from Pali, Faridabad in around 1912.

And Who says that Bhatiyas are Khatris. If anyone is saying this , it means he does not have a good knowledge about Khatris.

Every Bhatiya residing tran-border (pakistan) is a Bhati Gujjar, In Punjabi accent and phonetic styles Bhati becomes Bhatiya. However Bhati is known as a common Muslim Rajput surname in Pakistan. Everyone in Pakistan knows that bhatiyas are pure Gurjars. And Akhsay's family migrated to Amritsar from Pakistan before partition. He himself said to a friend of my cousin who was posted in Nashik that he is a proud Gujjar.

for ur info, I have a few friends from Gurdaspur, Punjab who are Gujjar Khatris and their surname is Bhedi or Bedi (Ranjeet Bedi is an example who made a movie Gujjari). Try to seacrh for proof, you will get many Gujjar khatris from Punjab.


Ashok harsana
and sorry for this harsh language but am pissed of with your misinformation campaign.

Jasbir said...

Hi Ashok,

Still not at all convinced with your half baked information.

I am a Gujjar from Punjab and what I have written in my comment here... I stand by it. Actually, It is not me who is spreading any mis-information but you. I appreciate you r doing a great job here but you should only bring info in print when you are really sure of the info and have sufficient proof to substantiate what you write.

Request you to substantiate with the required proofs regarding Akshay Kumar and Arjun Rampal's Gujjar status.

kapil said...

Mr. Bharat Baisla, First of all good eve to You, and my heartiest conratulation for this execilent work.

Now i would like to tell you that One more person can make his name in your i.e "GURJARS IN INDIAN ARMY" list, that is :-
Mr. Sanjay Kumar Yadav.(Raifleman) Indian army. He was the hero of KARGIL WAR and was awarded by Param Veer Chakra. (Inhone ye award Jeete ji hasil kiya hai) Sanjay kumar is a Gurjar and he is from distt. Bilaspur. Himachal Pradesh. (Yahan main ye saf kar dun ke Himachal ke bahut sare Gurjar apna surname ('Yadav ya Rao' )use karte hain!

Apse mera anurodh rahega ki aap unka nam hamre Gurjar Bhaiyon k samne layen.

kapil Rao

Anonymous said...

dear ashok,
i am belong to punjab and for your kind information bhatia or bhati are gurjar surname but bhatia khatri are seprete cast and bhatia surname is also in nai cast and bhatias khatri gurjar no any cast
In case of any queries, feel free to contact

harsh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ashok harsana said...

Ex CM of Karnataka, Narayan Dharam Singh's daugter is now engaged to Sukhbir singh Jaunapuria (Ambawata), A gujjar MLA's son, who is a MM in karnataka. Its a very hot topic in south delhi's gujjar areas and its been considered as a nwe era of the relationships between the Gujjars of Delhi and Karnataka.

So Onw of my friend who had casted his sincere doubts over the caste of ND Singh should now be satisfied.

Arun Rampal met my own cousin when he was on a trip to Sheffield, UK, and personally yold him that he is a Gujjar (in fact he is very proud of it). His mother is a christian and from south India, explaining his relations to many other castes and communites.

Akshay Kumar said that he is a gujjar and he proudly say this,

He regularly attended Maharshatra Gurjar Mahasabha's meetings at Mumbai (Under the presidency of Shri Anna saheb Patel, head of All india Gurjar mahasabha) a fee years back. He was also desgnated as the Vice president of the maharasthra gurjar mahasabha.

Any more doubts??????????????

Soon I'll come up with few other contradictory topics like:

Shivaji was a Gujjar

Mohd Ghori and mahmud ghaznavi were also gujjars

Prithviraj was a Gujjar

Hitler was a Gujjar

Spain has a small gujjar population

Kzakhistan, Chechenya and off course Georgia has gujjar populations............

Keep digging will get to know amazing truths...

Ashok harsana said...

sorry for the spellings, I keep very busy so was in hurry

Ashok harsana said...

So is Farooq Abdullah and his family. His father was known as shiekh because it was their title and not caste, read below

Shere Kashmir was Gujjar. Here is the news written about his family by Khushwant Singh.

This Above All
Khushwant Singh

Patriotic soul
If we have to name a Muslim who was the touchstone to test the secular pretensions of India, it would be Sheikh Abdullah without doubt. Not Maulana Azad, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Asaf Ali or any other but only Sheikh Sahib, popularly known as the Lion of Kashmir. I had the privilege of meeting him many times, being instrumental in publishing the English translation of his autobiography, Aatish-i-Chinar (Flames of the Chinar), and in the course of the meetings, getting to know his gracious wife, Begum Akbar Jahan, affectionately known as Madar-e-Meherban (kindly mother) Madar-e-Millat (mother of the community), as well as their daughter, Sourayya, and her daughter, Nyla Ali Khan. I also had the privilege of knowing his eldest son, Farooq Abdullah, who later became the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. I assumed I knew all that was worth knowing about Sheikh Sahib. I was wrong. There were many gaps in my information. They have been filled by reading the thoroughly researched biography written by Ajit Bhattacharjea, titled Sheikh Abdullah: The Tragic Hero of Kashmir.

Some biographical data should be kept in mind when judging Sheikh Sahib’s career. He was born in 1904 in the village of Sayra, now a suburb of Srinagar. His father was of the Gujar stock engaged in the weaving and marketing of Pashmina shawls. The family was well-off and its members were devout Muslims following the Sufi tradition of looking upon people of other faiths with respect. Young Abdullah started his education in a maktab (school) where he memorized the suras of the Quran. He was endowed with a rich melodious voice and much sought after in religious gatherings to chant verses from the holy book. This faculty became a great asset when he addressed the mammoth gatherings of Muslims. From the maktab, Sheikh Abdullah went to another school and then to colleges in Srinagar, Lahore and Aligarh, and passed the MSc examination. Back in Srinagar, he could not get the job he deserved with this qualification — good jobs were monopolized by Pandits and Dogras — Muslims had to be content with whatever remained. They were contemptuously referred to as hattos. Abdullah took up teaching with a measly salary. His fortunes turned when he married Akbar Jahan in 1933.

He was a strapping, 6’4” tall, handsome young man; she the beautiful daughter of the owner of Nedous Hotel — an Austrian, Harry Nadou, who had converted to Islam to marry a Gujar beauty. (An aside information which is of interest is that Akbar Jahan had been earlier married to T.E. Lawrence of the British Intelligence in Lahore. He was the author of the classic, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. He had organized Arab rebellion against the Ottomans, was captured by them and brutally sodomized. He was a homo-sexual. After a few months, he agreed to divorce Akbar Jahan.) Her marriage to Abdullah was a happy one. They had five children of whom Farooq was the eldest.

Sheikh Abdullah was greatly impressed by the writings of Allama Iqbal and the views of Muhammad Ali Jinnah till they came out in support of the two nation theory. He was convinced that religion should not divide people. In Kashmir, he stood for Kashmiriyat, comprising Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. He came to admire Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi. He wanted Kashmir to be made a neutral state like Switzerland, with both India and Pakistan guaranteeing its autonomy. An Urdu couplet sums up his ideals:

Farishtey bhee aiyein/To ijaazat
say aayeein
Yeh meyra vaatan hai / Koee
jannat nahin hai

Even if angels want to come / They get my permission before they come
This is my homeland /Not just any
kind of paradise.

Abdullah’s convictions were put to test when the British agreed to let India to decide its future. Jinnah and a majority of Muslims wanted a country of their own. Gandhi, Nehru, Maulana Azad and other Congress leaders reluctantly agreed to a partition, hoping it would be peaceful.

Maharajah Hari Singh hoped to retain his dominions as a sovereign state without acceding either to India or Pakistan. At this critical juncture, Indian leaders were sharply divided over the fate of Kashmir. On one side were Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the home minister. On the other side were the Maharaja, his home minister, Ram Chand Kak, Mehr Chand Mahajan and B.N. Mullick, the head of the intelligence bureau. All of them distrusted Abdullah. Matters came to a head when Pathan tribesmen, aided by Pakistan, invaded Kashmir, plundering and ravaging the towns through which they passed. They were within a few miles of Srinagar. The Maharajah’s troops put up no resistance. The Maharajah made a last minute decision to accede to India and to step down and have Sheikh Abdullah sworn in as the prime minister. Indian troops were flow in at the nick of time. Assisted by Abdullah’s supporters, they drove back the marauding tribesmen and saved a divided Kashmir for India.

However, Sheikh Sahib’s problems were far from being over. Militant Hindu revivalism, fuelled by massacres of Hindu and Sikhs during the Partition, raised its ugly head. Abdullah was accused of anti-Indian activities. He and his wife were arrested and put on trial. The trial fizzled out. Nehru stood by Abdullah. He invited Abdullah to stay with him, sent him with the Indian delegation to the United Nations and allowed him to visit Pakistan. Nothing helped. Abdullah was so disillusioned with Nehru’s inability to crush Hindu fundamentalism that he openly came out for Azad Kashmir. Nehru had him arrested.

Abdullah was in detention for eleven long years. But he did not bear any grudge against Nehru. When he heard of Nehru’s death, he flew back from Rawalpindi, where he was on an official visit and bade his friend a tearful farewell. Later he accepted a reduced chief ministership from Indira Gandhi. He died a broken man.

This is a very rough summary of Sheikh Abdullah’s life. For a complete, unbiased account you can read Bhattacharjea’s book. Abdullah was not only the “tragic hero of Kashmir” but also the paradigm of a patriotic Indian.

Thanks to jagga Gujjar for this info

शिवराज गूजर. said...

hi bharat bhai i m shivraj gujar from rajasthan. bahut achha laga ki tum smaj ki jankari juta rahe ho. main abhi ek dainik news paper main sr sub editor hoon. achha laga aapse milkar.

Anonymous said...

ashok ser mene orkut par ek lionheart gurjar ke naam se community banayi he or usme kuch famous gurjaro ke naam likhe or unke saat kuch link diye he jisme gurjaro ke baare me jaankari he.
usme mene akshay kumar ka naam bhi likha he or iski wajah se me problem me hun problem ye he ke koi maane ko tayar nahi he ke akshay gurjar he kyonki iska koi prof nahi he wo bolte he ke agar koi site ho jo puri jaankari de sake to hum maane mene orkut par lionheart gurjar ke naam se community creat ki he aap check kar sakte ho or meri or gurjaro se anurodh ke aap ise join kare.

plz ser koi prof dijiye jisme akshay ke gurjar hone ki jaankari ho plz
aap ye jaankari par de sakte he

Anonymous said...

U people are doing gud....
but some of blogersare corrupt minded gurjars...
1st of all they don't know the meaning of cousin..... cousin is not abt son n daughters of only chacha...... this is a broad word...

n an Arjun Rampal i want to tell u that ZNEWS......... ya reputed national news channel has shown that arjun is gujjar.......(During gujjar agitaion in rajasthan)
so u idiots stop wasting ur mind here...

n i m not sorry of using harsh language........ bcoz U DESERVE it.....

U idiots are just posting ur doubts....

gaurav said...

aba kon hai ye jo khatri ko gujar beta reha hai khatri to rajput hota hai

gaurav said...

aba o rustam a hind was jat not gujar

gaurav said...

akshay kumar was punjabi pundit not gujar aba o sara hindustan gujar hai bas khush

gaurav said...

bhai i am tyagi and my mom is from gujar sides meri koi dushmani nahi hai gujars se per logo ko gelet information to met do

Shokat said...

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gurjartimes said...

Hi bharat, well u start this blog and collect more information about gurjar..i runs my website but dear akshay kumar is bhatia from purani delhi and all of them he is punjabi and never he give any statement about i think he is not gurjar but i listen he is president of Mumbai gurjar mahasabha ...plz clearify me...

Shokat said...

Interesting to being a member of Indian world gurjar federation, send yr detail on this Dubai base email i.d :

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arjun said...

this news is 100% true that akshay kumar is a real gurjar.he has done a great job in arakshan of gurjars.he is a superb entertainer....

Shokat said...

Support round table Gujjar Conference going to be held under leadership of Shokat Gujjar - President of Indian world gujjar Federation - Dubai

Anonymous said...

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Raj said...

I'm Raj Gurjar(Siradhana)from Jaipur

All India and ASia is not GURJAR

For your kind info Akshay Kumar is not Gurjar. He himself refused to consider himself as a Gurjar on TV after he had been called Gurjar by media during "Gurjar Agitation" like "Dainik Bhaskar" and "DNA".

Farooq Abdullaha's mother was Gurjar i.e. Sheikh Abdullaha's wife was Gurjar.Sheikh Abdullaha, Farooq Abdullaha and Oomar Abdullaha are not Gurjars

More you may contact me

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3 shree hukumsingh who has been cainet minister for more than 10 years in succesive congress,and bjp governments


Anonymous said...

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Shokat said...

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naveen said...

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Gurjar federation-dubai

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ch.narayan singh was deputy c.m u.p and his son is curent m.p u.p name sanjay chouhan

gurjar said...

raja ranjit singh gurjar hain. riyast janshi or ye khatana hain. parikshitgarh meerut m gurjar raja ka purana killa h.

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Ram Ram Sa,
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chakraveer singh said...

ashok harsana sahab kehe rahe hain k hitler bhi gurjar hai...ha ha ha ab isse bada joke to kuch nahi ho k according saare famous historians gurjar hain.... main jaat hu....par main sari castes ki dil se izzat karta hu..lekin ashok sahab aapne zyada badi gapp maar di... pls spread only right information

chakraveer singh said...

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Shokat said...

Dear Bro , We all very proud to be gurjar & we do respect all walk of the life either respective of any cost or religion etc......

Gurjar are well known & famous for their patrinism but only one issue we were not be in the lime light boz of our innocent is our biggest dropback used by other , God Bless you

Shokat gurjar

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vivek said...

hello iam sanjeet gurjar from bharatpur .i met akshaykumar in mumbai he is agurjar agar koi bhi haramjasda use other cast ka batayega vah matherchod hai uski sister ko me chodunga tel laga ke

Anonymous said...

bhai jo bhi famious personilites ko befaltu mai gujjar bata raha hai , pls aise na kare ,kal ko koi rahul gandhi ko gujjar bana de to koi kya kar sakta hai,...

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